Tyre Repairs

Quality Tyres use German Rema Tip Top repair technology exclusively which is tried and trusted method and use a reliable local source of supply when it comes to consumables and spare parts for the skiving, buffing and curing machines we operate with.
With this tyre repair technology we are able to service all OTR tyres with a fast around time plus with our smaller curing machines we have the ability to repair the truck and light truck tyres using the same method.
With the cost and the difficulty to purchase new tyres today these repairs extend the life of a tyre that may have been rendered useless through a side wall cut, to the rest of its natural life.
Although repaired truck tyres are generally limited to trailer use, they may be used to natural destruction which will save the operator large amounts of money.

Tyre Management

Apart from standard advice, we offer an exhaustive Fleet Survey Programme of clients’ tyre fleets on a monthly basis which evaluates tyre usage,wear,and hi9ghlights urgent requirements, thus giving the client an ongoing history of his fleet: plus specific site evaluations, load studies and Scrap Analysis if required.
The computer programme we use is an exclusive tyre management tool developed and used by Quality Tyres South Africa which is regularly serviced and updated for us by SA. Counter parts.

Tyre Purchasing

As part of our association with Quality Tyres South Africa and their principles Bridgestone Firestone SA we have access to competitive prices on all tyres from both Firestone made locally in South Africa and Bridgestone from Japan.


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